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Coaching Baseball-Running

According to the track coaches I have consulted, one of the biggest flaws they see in baseball players running mechanics is their arm swing. So when coaching baseball, it is important that these drills be included in the warm up section of practice.

Coaching Baseball-Pitching

When coaching baseball, please keep in mind that injury to baseball pitchers has become epidemic. In an effort to explore the role of different mechanics being taught, I have consulted a Mechanical engineering prof at U.C. Davis to help measure and compare the forces produced by selected injured needing T.J. surgery, and compared them to […]

Coaching Baseball-Sprint training

When coaching baseball it is important to use your time efficiently. Warm up time should be used as a teaching opportunity. At U.C. Davis we incorporated a group of sprint drills provided by our track coach, Jon Vochatzer. This is one of several that Jon suggested.

Coaching Baseball-Positively

When coaching baseball it is important to create a tension free learning atmosphere. For example, when hitting fungo’s, especially with younger players, the speed of the ball should be such that the player can comfortably work on his fundamentals and get a feel for the timing of the footwork, catch, and transfer of the ball […]

Coaching Baseball-communication

One of my former players at UC Davis pointed out, regarding a recent post emphasizing the importance of practicing pop up priority, that the verbal communication between the players is most important. We’ve found that calling ball, ball, ball is crisper, easier to hear and understand than mine, mine or I got it. So, when […]

Coaching Baseball-first movement

Baseball is a game of quick movement, but in many cases, a player can compensate for a lack of speed by getting a good jump. So when coaching baseball,by practicing first movement technique, bang-bang plays can often go your way.

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball players to throw, after introducing the grip it is important that they begin to see how the whole body is involved in making a strong throw. I’ve found that if you start with the fingers and wrists and work back, elbow, shoulder trunk etc, to the feet, most learn faster. To get […]

Coaching Baseball Catching

When coaching baseball catchers to block the ball in the dirt, it is important to make sure they have their equipment properly aligned and that they understand and practice the fundamentals before they face live pitches. The drills outlined in this video cover the basics.

Coaching Baseball-Catchers

When coaching baseball catchers it is important to make sure that they are comfortable with how to wear the equipment, the fundamentals of stance and how to catch the ball, before they get behind the plate with a batter hitting the ball.