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Coaching Baseball-Practice Org

When coaching baseball, a productive goal seeking baseball practice should start with a “WARM UP” session which includes 3 or 4 running drills like, Long strides, and 3or 4 throwing drills like Knee to ground. Follow the warm up with 2 or 3 “INDIVIDUAL” drills, like Backhand. Then go to 2 or 3 “GROUP”, drills […]

Coaching Baseball-Batting

Coaching baseball hitting, batting tees are a useful tool to teach players mechanics and where the ball needs to be to hit it hard. Last spring in Arizona, I watched a player, in the cage, hitting the ball hard, but every ball he hit was a ground ball to the shortstop. Hitting it hard is […]

Coaching Baseball-Throwing

In a T.V. movie the other night a guy told a kid he needed a proper grip to throw the baseball.. That’s true, but the grip he demonstrated was marginal. So when coaching baseball, I would begin practice, especially with younger players, often with a grip check.

Coaching Baseball-Pop Ups?

When coaching baseball, who takes a pop up demands constant work. This play can lead to embarrassment or worse, serious injury. The basic key is that the player who lines up the greatest distance from the plate takes charge and handles the play. For example the 3rd baseman lines up farther from the plate than […]

Coaching Baseball-Practice Org.

When coaching baseball you will find that helping players deal with the anxiety of finishing the game is often a problem. To practice finishing the game, we found a one or two inning scrimmage starting in the 8th or 9th inning, score tied, or with a one run difference, to be both productive and fun.

Coaching Baseball-Catch & throw

When coaching baseball, ball exchange, especially with younger players, sounds simple but is a difficult combination of moves to coordinate. You can save a lot of time by getting the feel of the hands and feet working together by starting without the ball. We call it the, “clap drill.”

Coaching Baseball-Hitting

When coaching baseball, the first thing a baseball hitting coach needs to check and review often is a players grip and stance. The linked view gives the coach and player a quick overview.