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Baseball Pitcher Injuries

Injury to baseball pitchers has become an epidemic. In an effort to explore the role of different mechanics being taught, I consulted a Mechanical engineering prof at U.C. Davis to help measure and compare the forces produced by selected injured needing “Tommy John” surgery and others who had long injury free careers. Linked here is […]

Coaching Baseball- Bunt Game

When coaching baseball keep in mind that scientists say that learning is specific to the task. That means, for example, THE WAY TO LEARN TO BUT LIVE PITCHING IS TO BUNT LIVE PITCHING. Therefore, when you practice bunting in a live scrimmage, you are not only teaching hitters to bunt live pitching, you are also […]

Coaching Baseball Catchers

When Coaching baseball catchers, just like the other positions, it is best to start slowly and make sure they know not only what you want them to, but why. The video linked here is one of several we use periodically as a review of the basics.

Coaching Baseball-iBook

When coaching baseball, having the ibook, Practice Baseball to Win, gives you the opportunity to show skilled players, with your ipad, doing drills like this hitting video, during practice.

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When learning a physical skill, repetition is the key to making the movements a habit, so, when coaching baseball, working as many repetitions as possible into the practice makes sense. Make sure,ESPECIALLY DURING WARM UP,that the reps are what you want. Playing catch is no exception and it should be done properly, ALWAYS. Step to […]

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball players to throw, after introducing the grip it is important that they begin to see how the whole body is involved. I’ve found that if you start with the fingers and wrists and work back, elbow, shoulder trunk etc., to the feet, most learn faster. To get the feel of how they […]

Coaching Baseball Throwing

When coaching baseball, ball exchange, especially with younger players, sounds simple but is a difficult combination of moves to coordinate. You can save a lot of time by getting the feel of the hands and feet working together by starting without the ball. We call it the, “clap drill.”

Coaching Baseball-ibook

When coaching baseball, if you have the ibook, Practice Baseball to win, on your tablet, you can show skilled players doing the drills you want to practice.

Baseball Drills Book

To show video of skilled players doing baseball practice drills, use the ibook, Practice Baseball to Win, which is available in the apple book store.