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Coach Stress free, Safer Baseball Pitching mechanics

 After coaching baseball pitchers for many years and using film and video to measure movement rates and direction change in pitchers mechanics, I have found that injured pitchers produce more stress on the injured parts than the guys I’ve measured that survived long careers.  If you are coaching baseball pitchers, and have a youngster under your […]

Practice Baseball to Win

For more efficient baseball practice, covering specific plays in the infield, you can keep more people involved if you work on different plays at the same time. Here is an example from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, that will help get more done in less time.

Coaching Baseball-Catch & Throw

When coaching baseball, please keep in mind that when teaching a physical skill, repetition is the key to making the movements a habit, so working as many repetitions into the practice makes sense. The problem is making sure, as much as you can, that the reps are what you want.  Playing catch is no exception and […]