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Coaching Baseball Hitting

This batting tee video is from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

Coaching Baseball Throwing

 In a T.V. movie the other night a guy told a kid he needed a proper grip to throw the baseball.  That’s true, but the grip he demonstrated was marginal.  So when coaching baseball, I would begin practice, especially with younger players, often with a grip check as described here from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

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Coaching Baseball Catchers

 When Coaching baseball catchers, just like the other positions, it is best to start slowly and make sure they know not only what you want them to, but why. The video linked here is one of several, featured in the iBook, “Practice Baseball to Win,” we use periodically as a review of the basics. 

Baseball Practice Planning

Our baseball practice plan is organized into 5 sections, warm up, individual skills, group coordination, team organization, and conditioning.  Keeping players active and avoiding standing around is challenging especially during group 3, group coordination.  In this 20 to 30 minute session we combine 2 to 3 drills like this from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win, to […]