Coaching Baseball-Address the fear factors early

 When coaching baseball, protect your credibility.  For example, when doing ground ball drills, never ever say, “it doesn’t hurt,” or “don’t be afraid”.  Number one, it does hurt, and they will know you are either a liar, or naïve.  And number two, you have to be brain dead not to have some fear.  Fear of pain, fear of failure, especially when hitting, is a necessity to bravery. If there’s nothing to fear there’s no reason to be brave.  Young players, especially, need to know that fear is a normal thing that needs to be dealt with.

It is especially important that fundamental drills like this one from the eBook, Practice Baseball to Win, be done at a pace that emphasizes the fundamentals and not to prove that the players is brave. It's a lot easer to be brave when you are comfortable with the fundamentals.

For more suggestions, practice plans, and videos of fundamental drills check out the eBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

Short Hops

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