Purpose for Practice Baseball to Win

PRACTICE BASEBALL TO WIN, is available as an ebook in the Apple Book Store. It's purpose is to provide youth league, high school coaches, and players the benefit of over thirty years of experience as Head Coach at the University of California, Davis, and conducting youth summer camps.

Because most players are visual learners, they watch and imitate what they see. The problem we are attempting to address is that most coaches, even if they played at a high level, or are not in shape to to properly demonstrate the skill that want to teach.  As a consequence players practice what they see, and the result is compromised . The purpose of this manual is to remedy that problem.

The eBook can be taken to practice with an iPad to show skilled players demonstrating the skills. The videos enable the coach and players the opportunity to see and hear the checkpoints for each skill.

I have found video demonstration and comparisons to be the most powerful teacher of baseball skills available to date.  The method, I have adopted, is to video the player and compare their frame by frame movement with prominent players. This is especially effective with pitching and hitting.

Download the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

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