Purpose for Practice Baseball to Win

As a college baseball coach for over thirty years, I have observed an alarming trend. Far too many players drop our of baseball before they have a real chance to see if they can become players. There are probably many reasons, but the one that can be addressed here is the experience presented by their coach early in their career. Practice is too often slow moving with a lot of standing in line, boring, and at times scary. The DVD and iBook are designed to help coaches who are busy, and distracted with work, produce a practice and game approach that is interesting and fun. The practice format provides enough video clips of drills and explanations that will challenge the coach to find more time.

Basic fundamentals are covered in a manner appropriate for all ages.  The drills are demonstrated and used by college level players, but the youngest players can begin to learn by watching the video and doing the drills at their level.  The challenge for those working with younger players is to keep in mind that an 8-12, or even high school age player, can't perform like the guys on TV.  Also, keep in mind that the big leaguers on TV sometimes look like little leaguers.

The suggestion is to keep practice moving.  Drills should last no more than 8-10 minutes. Never produce a pace inappropriate for the age group. What I mean, for example, is that infielders should not be hit ground balls before they are comfortable performing the fundamentals at a very slow pace or even stationary.  There is plenty of time to see if they are quick or tough enough.  Please don't discourage them early.  Players develop at different rates and the late developer may be lost.

Download the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win.

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