Practice Baseball to Win, a digital coaches guide

The Ibook format has video examples of over 90 drills that can be used to demonstrate the fundamental skills required to get your players ready to play.  The advantage of the ibook is that it is portable and easily shown at practice to introduce and demonstrate checkpoints.  Almost players are visual learners and will copy the drill as demonstrated.

The problem we are trying to address is that few coaches, even if they played at a high level, are in shape, or didn't play every position well enough, to give a credible demonstration of all of the skills we want to teach.  Because most players learn by observation, they will copy or imitate what they see.   Video at practice enables the  coach to show a skilled player demonstrating the fundamentals. This not only provides a good picture of the desired skill, but saves valuable explanation time.

The ibook is the second effort to encourage a well organized positive program for teaching the game of baseball.  It includes, along with the practice organization plan and videos, outlines for a sequenced series of practices leading up to the first game.  Also included are suggestions for organizing an entire program for the teams communications, scheduling, and social interaction.

I have also found that video sessions at home, or at a meeting place, are a valuable tool in the coaches arsenal.  When I work with players now, I find it very effective to video the player and let them compare themselves side by side with a skilled example. This is an especially valuable tool for pitching and hitting.
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