Coaching Tips for Winning Baseball Practices

Excerpts from the iBook, Practice Baseball to Win

1. Create a master list of the skills and concepts you want to teach. Prioritize and determine the percentage of practice time each require before the preseason practices are organized.

2.Ten minutes is a long time for doing drills even for college players. Keep your practice moving.

3.Players learn from what they see. Video of good players is your best teaching tool.

4.If player development is your goal, your chances of winning are greatly enhanced.

5.Baseball is losing players at an alarming rate. There are many factors, but the major one is that very few coaches, even if they played at a high level, have the time or experience to present a program that offers a step-by-step progression leading to the fundamentals necessary to play at the next level.

6. No matter how the drill is going, stay on schedule.

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